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Our Vision is strongly oriented to Quality. Quality meant as the ability to meet our Clients’ needs, we pursue this goal by adding to the product and especially the service that performance that our Clients expect from it.

Our Quality Control department supervises the product’s features, its heart is the metrology room equipped with two numerically controlled three-dimensional measuring machines (CMM), its its hands is our operators’ skill.

The desire to satisfy our Clients’ ever increasing needs has led us to a constant improvement in the control processes, today we are able to apply the main Quality Tools such as: APQP, PPAP, ISIR, FMEA, as well as statistical control: SPC and problem solving: 8D e 5-Why.


Three dimensional Cord 3 UNIVERSAL control machine

Measuring range 3000X1500X1300

Renishaw SP25 continuous scan head

Three dimensional Dea GHIBLI control machine

Measuring range 2600x1500x1400

Renishaw PH10 head

Tar-Al 1000 resetting device

Stroke 1000mm

Resolution 0.001mm

MAHR Perthometer M1 Rugosimetre MAHR

MAHR Mahrsurf Rugosimetre PS10

Instrument pool consisting of 1500 certified instruments

Tool Measurement and Preset

Zoller VENTURION H800 – ø430

Kelch Trabant  H600 – ø450